Custom Home Building Predictions for 2021

Posted by Jamie Kline on Dec 2, 2020 7:00:00 AM
Jamie Kline
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As we approach the end of any year, we always like to take a look back at the many homes we’ve helped our clients make a reality. 

From a practical standpoint, this annual evaluation helps us plan for the next year. The homes our customers design and build often include elements that are a good indicator of what we can expect in the next year. 

So what will custom homes look like in 2021? 

We have a few ideas.

Prediction: 2021’s Custom Home Floor Plan of Choice 

To get right to it -- what do we predict being the most popular floor plan for 2021?

The same as in 2020 and 2019: the customer supplied plan!

The customer supplied plan poised for a three-peat isn’t entirely surprising. As we’ve said before -- despite having a large catalog of floor plans to choose from, we’ve never built one of them. More often than not, our customers use one of our floor plans as a base, and then make adjustments. 

With a custom floor plan, you guarantee your next home is absolutely tailored to your needs. What’s better than a home that’s designed for you and your family? 

As we’ve seen in the past two years, the majority of the homes we manufacture components for and our Barden Independent Dealers build are provided by the customer, whether they:

  • Found a plan somewhere else
  • Had a plan drawn by an architect 
  • Put their confidence in our in-house design team to create a custom plan from scratch

Prediction: 2021’s Most Popular Style of Home

During the past few years, ranches have become the most popular type of home. We don’t expect that to change in 2021. 

Many of our customers are looking for a custom-built home they can comfortably spend their retirement years in. They’re coming to us to design a more compact home with flexible and functional arrangements.

Ranches check all these boxes. 

Like all Barden homes, ranches are easily customizable. Despite being 1 story, ranches can be designed for:

Our Middleport floor plan is a great example of one of our ranches that’s designed to be your forever home. 

We’re also expecting 2 story homes to remain the second most-popular type of home, especially among those with growing families.  

Clients pursuing a 2 story home design floor plans to maximize functional space and common family areas while minimizing total footprint and square footage. They’re often ditching formal dining rooms used once a year for spacious kitchens or living rooms that comfortably fit the entire family. 

Prediction: Must-Have Custom Home Features

As we’ve seen in some of the more recent homes our Independent Dealers have built, there are a few popular features customers are including in their custom homes. 

  1. Kitchen Island -- As the kitchen is often considered the heart of any home, it makes sense that people want another element to add more function to the space. Whether it’s an additional countertop to prepare food on, a spot for a quick meal, or another space for the kids to do their homework, kitchen islands easily serve multiple purposes. 
  2. Home Office -- This comes as no surprise. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to work from home, having a quiet space designated for work is among the top must-haves for those designing their next home. 
  3. Fireplaces -- Nothing creates a cozy ambiance in a room like a fire burning in a fireplace. As an added bonus, using a fireplace helps stave off high heating bills during the colder months. 

Looking Ahead to 2021

As we look forward to the next construction season, we’re eager to get to work with our next clients on their custom-built home. So are our Barden Independent Dealers. 

Regardless of the type of home or its customization elements, it’s always a rewarding experience for our in-house design team to help a future homeowner take their next home from concept to design. 

Ready to build your next home? 

Learn about how our panelized construction process makes designing and building your next home a breeze: 

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