5 Hidden Values of Building a Barden Home

Posted by Jamie Kline on Sep 20, 2019 9:37:48 AM
Jamie Kline

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If you’re on the fence about building with Barden and our network of Independent Dealers, or opting to build the traditional (stick built) way, then this guide is for you.

We’ve put together some of the considerations that Barden home owners express as being the more “hidden” or not immediately apparent aspects of opting for panelized construction.

5 Unexpected Values of a Barden Home

Here are five things Barden home owners are surprised by when throughout the process of designing, building, and living in their Barden home:

  1. Saving on energy bills
  2. Higher quality materials
  3. Contractor connections
  4. Code headaches solved
  5. You pick your own value!

Read more to see where these values are hiding in your home.

1. Saving on Energy Bills

New build homes are usually more efficient than older homes due to the evolution of building practices and materials. However, when building a Barden home, this efficiency is multiplied due to the carefully engineered process of panelized construction and our Fast Track Framing System.

When homes are assembled on the build site, there is room for human error due to the nature of imprecise processes. This means that oftentimes, there can be gaps and spaces throughout the infrastructure of the home. Most commonly, these gaps occur by the windows, and can lead to a lower thermal insulation value (a drafty home in the winter months).

Building with Barden means that panelized components (walls and trusses) are built and assembled in a controlled factory environment by our manufacturing division, North American Truss, using state of the art technology and machines combined with skilled workers. This leaves little room for error, and the final home is more efficient. 

2. Higher Quality Materials

In the case of a Barden home, higher quality materials are literally hidden within the fabric of your home.

Some of the materials where a Barden build exceeds the industry standard include:

  • Lumber: Our lumber is brought in from Canada, due to the density of the wood growing in the colder temperatures. This results in a build that is superior, with superior lumber being used throughout.

  • Stapling Materials: We use galvanized steel staples that do not rust, and can bear more weight than a standard nail or screw. The staple is coated with a unique glue that seals into the lumber due to the friction created during application.

Though this value can not be tangibly seen after the home is finished, the quality of the home is supported “behind the scenes” for years to come.

3. Contractor Connections

The Barden network of Independent Dealers has been forming connections with contractors close to your build site for years, and has built a virtual Rolodex of skilled and high caliber contractors for your project. 

Most people only build a house once in their life, and it can be hard to rely on instinct and word-of-mouth alone when selecting contractors for your project. 

Tapping into an already curated network of skilled professionals is an invaluable asset when building with Barden and our Independent Dealer network.

4. Code Headaches Solved

Similar to the nature of the contractor selection, since most people are not experts in building code and legal requirements for their project, it’s helpful to tap into the knowledge of those with the expertise.

There’s no other way to say it: Dealing with your local Building Department can be a headache. When things aren’t filed perfectly and timely, the whole project can be out of whack which means money and time wasted on a stalled site. 

Having your Independent Dealer and Barden team handle these details for you means that you can spend more time focusing on the meaningful parts of crafting your dream home.

5. You Pick Your Own Value!

The true value in a Barden home is that YOU decide what’s meaningful and impactful to your life and family, and you design that into your home to impart value on your life for years to come. 

This is especially meaningful when being cognizant of accessibility and aging concerns moving forward, and thinking about designing a home that you can live in for the rest of your life. 

When you first build your downsized home, you might not need all of the features that you included right away. But, a few years down the line, you’ll be grateful for the value that is provided when you can move around your dream home with ease.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

We want to help build a home that is as valuable, meaningful, and efficient for your family for decades to come as it was on the day you moved in. 

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