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Custom Home Building Careers Vs. Becoming a Realtor

Posted by Jamie Kline on Mar 29, 2021 7:29:59 AM

Every client is different, and so are their ideal homes. 

Some are looking for a space to grow into, while others want to downsize to a smaller home that still has some room for guests. And there are those other wants and needs -- such as a home office or elaborate patio -- that matter most. 

Aligning a client’s vision for their next home with what’s possible is an involved, yet rewarding process. There’s nothing more satisfying than handing a client the keys to their new residence. 

Pursuing a custom home building career or becoming a realtor are two of the routes you can take to help clients realize the home of their dreams.

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How to Start a Custom Home Building Business

Posted by Jamie Kline on Mar 18, 2021 8:00:00 AM

A career owning and operating a custom home building business is exciting. It’s also challenging. Most importantly, it’s rewarding. How many lines of work let you help people realize the home of their dreams? 

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Custom Home Construction Timeline: A Barden Independent Dealer’s Role

Posted by Jamie Kline on Mar 10, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Building a custom home is no small task. 

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