4 Ways Panelized Construction Homes Are Eco-Friendly

Posted by Jamie Kline on Oct 8, 2020 9:48:07 AM
Jamie Kline
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Green seems to be a popular color these days in the world of custom home building. 

During the last decade, home construction has trended toward environmentally friendly elements. From materials to layout, more homeowners are looking to live in a space that’s harmonious with Mother Nature. 

This comes as no surprise -- more people are concerned about how their lifestyle impacts the environment. What better place to start than in the home?

With panel construction homes, creating a house that’s in-sync with nature and respectful of the environment is easy. 


4 Elements of Eco-Friendly Panelized Construction Homes 

Panelized home building methods make your next house is eco-friendly through:

  1. Design
  2. Components
  3. Manufacturing 
  4. Durability 

1. Design 

One of the biggest selling points of a panel-built house is ease of customization. Just ask our in-house design team -- they’ve worked with thousands of customers over the years to create truly unique floor plans. 

Panel built home design offers flexibility to create an open floorplan that may have a smaller footprint, but still meets all your needs.. And, yes, that includes storage space or room to grow. 

With an eco-friendly home design, it’s also easy to create a layout that’s maximized for energy efficiency. 

Including strategically placed windows that let in plenty of sunlight and air flow help control heating, cooling, and electricity costs. Adding overhangs helps control utilities, too, as they provide shade in the warmer months and allow rays from the low winter sun into your home during the colder months.  

Orientation also plays a big role in an eco-friendly home. By paying attention to your home’s placement on its lot, you can take advantage of daily and yearly light cycles or even wind direction.



With an eco-friendly layout, you can take your panelized home’s reduced impact on Mother Nature to the next level by carefully selecting what’s installed inside it.  

As more new homeowners are environmentally conscious, it’s become much easier to find construction products and hardware that meet eco-friendly lifestyles. Panelized homes constructed today are built with increased insulation, higher-efficiency furnaces, and water heaters compared to what was built even a few years ago.

Consider incorporating additional components such as: 


Though environmentally friendly products do carry a higher price tag, the initial investment pays for itself through reduced utility costs. 


3. Manufacturing 

Panelized home construction offers a level of precision not seen in other home-construction methods, such as stick building. In a sense, working with a panel home company is hiring an eco-friendly home builder. 

With panelized home construction starting in a factory, materials are ordered in exact quantities and cut to size with very little scrap left over. Less waste means less site clean up and fewer dumpsters, also saving cost. You won’t have to worry about materials -- or your money -- going to waste.  


And the parts comprising your panels and other finishing elements, such as baseboards and trim?

Working with your panel home company, you can incorporate environmentally friendly or sustainable sourced materials into your home’s construction. 


4. Durability 

While no structure is permanent, some are made to last longer than others. 

With a new-build panelized home, you can rest assured that it’s constructed for strength and longevity

A panelized home’s durability is rooted in its construction. Because panels are built in a factory, they must be constructed to withstand transportation. With this additional reinforcement, the panels that make up your home stand strong against wear and tear. In addition to being over-built, Barden Building Products includes a 10-year structural warranty to give even more peace of mind. 

An eco-friendly home’s exterior may also incorporate materials that can withstand the test of time -- and won’t need replacement -- such as:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Vinyl siding
  • Precast concrete 


Panelized Home Building for Low Environmental Impact

Building an eco-friendly home no longer means sacrificing the comforts of modern living or using medieval construction methods.  

Through panelized construction, you can rest easy that your next home has minimal impact on the natural world. 

Looking to build your eco-friendly panel-built home? 

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