SmartBuild Systems for Pole Barns: Efficiency in Action

Posted by Jamie Kline on Aug 13, 2021 8:00:00 AM
Jamie Kline


You’ve found someone who could be the perfect client. 

They need a pole barn, and they need it yesterday. What’s more, this prospect has some specific design requirements and a few special requests for it. 

You have the experience and capabilities to make that pole barn a reality. And the client’s special requests aren’t outside of your wheelhouse. 

After an initial meeting, you head straight to the drawing board to design their project, crunch the numbers, and prepare a bid. 

But in the time it takes you to complete what should be routine work, the client does some thinking and decides to look at other options. 

Has this ever happened to you?

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a potential lead disappear due to perceived delays in standard processes. The time you spent on that wasted opportunity could have been spent on more fruitful pursuits. 

SmartBuild Systems, offered by Barden Building Products to its Independent Dealers, solves this problem for the professional builder. 

By optimizing the design and quoting of a pole barn project from the second you meet with a prospect, SmartBuild Systems helps you work efficiently and service more clients. 


What Is SmartBuild Systems, & How Does Barden Fit In?

Put simply, SmartBuild Systems is one of the most valuable tools available in the pole barn construction process, whether you’re a general contractor or project manager.

A web-based construction management software for builders and contractors, SmartBuild Systems streamlines key elements of the pole barn process. With a simple interface, this program allows users to design a pole barn -- complete with a 3D rendering -- while meeting with a client. In addition, the software lets users:

  • Easily revise designs 
  • Prepare detailed bids 
  • Create cutlists for materials & building components 
  • Calculate project costs
  • Generate sales documents 

As SmartBuild’s regional distributor, Barden acts as the main supplier of pole barn kits for its independent dealers. That means general contractors and project managers affiliated with Barden have a one-stop shopping experience for components of the client’s pole barn. There’s no need to work with a variety of materials suppliers and deal with the headache of coordinating deliveries.  

How SmartBuild Streamlines Preliminary Pole Barn Work

Made to work alongside you as you walk a client through the construction process, SmartBuild Systems simplifies work right from the beginning.  

  1. Design
  2. Quoting 
  3. Material management

1. Design

SmartBuild virtually eliminates the time it takes to develop blueprints for a pole barn. 

Using traditional methods for pole barn design meant a lot of back-and-forth -- and waiting. First, there was the meeting with a client to discuss what they wanted out of their pole barn. After that, it took a few days to create a rendering of their project, followed by their review of it. Revisions and follow-up meetings and redesigns -- these often took at least a few days, too. 

Using SmartBuild Systems, a pole barn’s preliminary design can be created during your very first meeting with a client -- there’s no need to hire a drafting professional or even spend a few hours creating plans yourself. As you’re designing a pole barn with a client, revisions and changes can be made as quickly as the client wants them. 

2. Quoting

SmartBuild Systems also makes quoting a pole barn project happen in real-time. 

Drawing from its database as you’re designing the new structure, SmartBuild’s construction quoting software is able to calculate materials and labor costs. Once the initial design is complete, you’re able to provide a detailed bid on-the-spot

You won’t need to go back to the office to crunch numbers and send the quote. The construction quoting software does the work for you. 

3. Materials Management 

That detailed bid we mentioned in our last point -- it’s not just a breakdown of costs. It’s also a comprehensive list of everything needed to construct a post frame building, down to the last nail. 

Coupled with the detailed quote, there’s little question about what exactly it will take to make a client’s pole barn a reality. The client is able to immediately see everything their future pole barn needs. 

In a sense, SmartBuild is a construction solution. It makes ordering materials in exact quantities a breeze, saving your client the expense of unused items and scrap.


The Compounding Effect of Efficiency 

Though learning and integrating new software into existing operations may seem overwhelming, an investment in efficiency is an investment in your business. SmartBuild Systems represents just that. 


By introducing the element of speed. 

Less time spent on designing and drafting, checking inventories, developing a materials list, ordering supplies, generating quotes, filling out sales documents, making design and plan adjustments, and drawing up a contract = more time to pursue more leads. In short, better efficiency means a better close rate. 

It’s simple math: The more leads you’re able to pursue and land, the more business your company sees. 


SmartBuild Systems: Optimizing Pole Barn Construction 

Designing plans and completing the setup paperwork are a normal part of any pole barn construction project. The time it takes you to get through that preliminary work shouldn’t end up costing you a client. 

SmartBuild Systems through Barden helps professional builders take their business to the next level and never lose a customer to a delay -- perceived or not -- in project setup. 

Add the Best Construction Management Software to Your Toolbox

Learn more about SmartBuild Systems through Barden:  


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