What's a Barden Independent Custom Home Dealer?

Posted by Jamie Kline on Apr 4, 2022 8:30:00 AM
Jamie Kline

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As a company specializing in designing and supplying custom-home material packages, we’ve seen homes of all shapes and sizes. We often joke that we’ve never manufactured the same home twice, as each homeowner builds a house that meets their specific needs. 

Aside from recognizing the value of a home that’s tailored to meet their needs, Barden Building Product’s countless customers share one thing in common: they worked with a Barden Custom Home Dealer through the entirety of their project. 

Barden Custom Home Dealers are a large component of Barden Building Products’ sales arm. More importantly, they’re the people who leverage our company and its resources to make a customer’s home happen. 

Barden Custom Home Dealers: A Closer Look 

A home dealer -- or as we call them, Barden Independent Dealer -- is an independently owned company that helps our customers make their next home a reality. 

Working closely with a future homeowner, a Barden Independent Dealer helps clients navigate each step of the custom home-building process. From conceptualization and design to finding a construction loan or completing construction. 

Not all of our independent dealers are the same. They fall into two general categories: consultants/contract managers and builders.

1. Independent Consultants/Contract Managers

This type of Barden Independent Dealer shares many of the same responsibilities as the custom home builder dealer type. 

A dealer who works as a consultant/contract manager helps facilitate the entire home-building process. They don’t self-perform any of the actual construction. They often work with customers who are acting as their own general contractor. 

With their expertise, they help clients figure out exactly what they want out of their next home and interface with our in-house drafting and design team to come up with plans. Working together, the dealer and client determine an initial floor plan and budget for the project. As the process moves forward, the independent consultant interfaces with our in-house drafting team to customize the final design and details of the home. Contract/project manager independent dealers also assist with: 

  • Site selection
  • Project scope development
  • Evaluating financing options 
  • Locating contractors and subcontractors 
  • Filing the necessary permits 

In a sense, a contract/project manager dealership is a client’s partner in constructing a Barden home -- there to give guidance and provide the right resources for a homeowner to complete the project successfully. 

What can Barden do for Your Custom Home Building Company? 

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2. Independent Builder

An independent custom home builder does all the same things as a consultant/contract manager. However, there is one major difference: this type of dealer is typically responsible for the actual construction of the home. While they may subcontract some of the work out, such as electrical or plumbing, a custom home builder independent dealer quite literally puts hammer to nail, using Barden Building Products as its supplier of choice.  

Some Barden customers may prefer to work with this type of dealer as it streamlines the homebuilding process. There are no additional steps to finding a general contractor or specialized tradesmen; the independent builder handles it all. Furthermore, this type of dealer is there from the moment a customer starts to explore all of Barden’s options for their next home. There’s little room for anything to be lost in translation with another contractor.

The Barden Independent Dealer Network 

Though independent, Barden Independent Dealers don’t operate entirely on their own. As part of the Barden family, they’re also a member of the Barden Independent Dealer Network. 

The network is as it sounds -- a collective of our Barden Independent Dealers. Barden Building Products manages the network and communicates directly with the independent dealers. Barden Building Products provides its independent dealers with resources, such as marketing materials, or information on best practices or our latest products. 

Under the Barden name, independent dealers have instant brand recognition and can leverage it to attract new customers. What’s more, there’s strength in numbers

The network is also a peer support system of sorts. Should a dealer encounter an issue or have questions about a process, there are other, experienced dealers that can help them find a solution. 

How to Become Barden Independent Dealer & Succeed

Barden’s Independent Dealers are an integral part of completing any Barden custom home. Put simply, a Barden custom home construction project can’t happen without a dealer. 

While there are differences in the types of custom home dealerships, a Barden Independent Dealer is someone who has the skills and resources to make a customer’s dream home their next home as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

A custom home building career with Barden can be very rewarding. Aside from the financial element, there’s something to be said for helping a customer develop and build a home they’ll fall in love with. 

Not just anyone can become a Barden Independent Dealer. 

All prospective Barden Independent Dealers are carefully vetted by Barden Building Products to make sure they’re capable of helping customers realize their next home. 

If approved, an incoming independent dealer goes through an extensive training process and is brought up to speed on all of Barden’s custom home options, building solutions, and our panelized home construction method

As we’ve seen time and time again, the most successful Barden Independent Dealers have:

  • A dedicated office space and staff
  • A deep knowledge of their local market 
  • Sales acumen
  • Marketing support
  • An established list of subcontractors 
  • Home building tools and equipment 


A Working Relationship For Custom HOme Building 

Barden Independent Dealers are the reason clients become Barden custom homeowners. In partnering with Barden, your custom dealership has access to new resources and support all aimed at growing your business. 

Interested in learning more about partnering with Barden? 

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