The Modern Farmhouse: Blending Quality and Timelessness

Posted by Jamie Kline on Jun 17, 2020 1:22:16 PM
Jamie Kline

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As a custom home company, our customers are always in the driver’s seat -- if there’s something they want in their 100% customized home, chances are we can do it. 

Sometimes through working with clients, they’ll show us what the latest trends will be.

Such is the case with the modern farmhouse-style home. More and more, we’re seeing future homeowners looking to the modern farmhouse-style home as their next residence. 

It’s easy to see why.

The modern farmhouse blends quality and timelessness - showing off with great design and the right materials rather than frilly decorations. 

Let’s look at the features that make up a modern farmhouse’s design:

Modern Farmhouse Architecture 

Gable Roof

Easily identifiable by their triangular shape. These are commonly used across many architectural styles for their simplicity and water shedding ability

Steep Roof Pitch

A tall steep roof gives a modern farmhouse an imposing presence whether it’s a 2-story or ranch home.

Shed Dormers

Dormers are windows that project outward from the middle of a roof slope. A shed dormer (flat, single-pitched roof) provides a rustic and simple contrast to the gable roof. A dormer can add a window to a room or allow additional light into a room with a vaulted or cathedral ceiling.

Covered Porches 

Modern farmhouse plans almost always include a large, welcoming covered front porch - occasionally made into a wrap-around --  creating the uber welcoming curb appeal of these homes. A covered rear porch for hosting outdoor gatherings is another common design element. 

Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Vertical Batten Siding

Board & batten -- or vertical batten siding -- is utilized on the exterior of the home in conjunction with rustic stone or brick in select areas. Board & batten gives a rustic look but can be purchased with high end finish quality. Siding is usually a neutral color -- white, grey, or black.

Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing continues the aesthetic of the vertical siding to the roof and projects an image of high quality and solidity to the home.

Colored Windows

With an endless array of window options available these days, black or dark brown windows adds the “modern” to the modern farmhouse. Monochromatic all-white color schemes are also a popular option.

Rustic Wood Trim

Porch posts and large timber accents within the gable roofs add a cabin-like cozy charm.

Craftsman Doors

Solid wood doors with simple, square windows are generally utilized. No showing off with fancy glass or carvings, just a darn good solid door.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Components 

Vaulted/Cathedral Ceilings

Those steep roof pitches on the outside aren’t just for show. The extra height allows for beautiful vaulted ceilings, which, as we mentioned earlier, allow for the addition of windows for extra natural light in a home.

Open Floor Plans

A nod to the old days when families had family time every day and ate dinner together every night - but with a modern twist. In the past, large dining and living rooms were enough. Now, with our busy lives, the kitchen is now included in the communal space to bring us together, even when doing separate activities.

Barn Doors

Well it’s a farmhouse. Of course barn doors are incorporated in its design!

Split Bedrooms

Most ranch designs feature a master suite on one side of the home and the rest of the bedrooms to the other side to allow the occupants some privacy after spending all of that time together in the open living space.

Spacious Kitchens

Whether you cook or not, culture has dictated that the kitchen is now the crown jewel of every new home. The kitchen is the heart of the home, after all. Modern farmhouse plans usually feature a large open kitchen with a wide island. 

Ready to design your customized modern farmhouse? 

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