Pursuing A Lead-Filled Custom Home Building Career

Posted by Jamie Kline on May 5, 2021 8:30:00 AM
Jamie Kline

Custom home buildig career

No one starts a custom home building dealership with the intent to run a business that sits empty and dormant. 

There’s nothing worse than a showroom rarely visited by customers that leaves you wondering how you’ll ever become a successful manufactured home dealer. 

Custom home dealerships don’t open with a backlog of new customers. It takes time and effort to establish a steady flow of new business. 

By partnering with an established building materials supplier that has brand recognition, your custom home building career hits the ground running in creating a robust, revenue-generating lead pipeline.  

4 Ways Barden Positions Your Custom Home Dealership for New Business 

As a Barden Independent Dealer, your custom home company has advantages over others not affiliated with an established partner. Your efforts to establish and grow your company go hand-in-hand with our abilities as a building solutions provider. 

Barden Building Products helps its house dealers drum up new business through: 

  1. Marketing Support
  2. Lead Referrals 
  3. Floor Plan Options 
  4. A Proven Construction Method  

1. Marketing Support  

The busiest custom home dealerships have a carefully constructed marketing plan, rooted in real data and market conditions. The plan is responsive to current housing trends and meets potential customers where they are.

Getting the word out about your business and its capabilities, however, can be a costly thing.

All Barden Independent Dealers are part of our advertising co-op program. Through the co-op, your business is eligible to have up to 50% of your marketing expenses --up to 1% of your net package yearly sales--reimbursed to you. This lessens the financial impact of creating marketing materials or purchasing ad space. 

2. Lead Referrals 

In an ideal scenario, you wouldn’t have to lift a finger to find prospective clients. They’d just show up at your door ready to commit to working with you. 

The majority of your new leads come from your marketing efforts. But sometimes prospective customers reach out to Barden Building Products first through our own marketing (of which, your company is included in).  

Any leads that come directly to us are passed along to an independent dealership located closest to the customer or best suited to meet a client’s specific construction needs. As we’re a building solutions and materials supplier, we don’t actually construct homes -- you do! It makes the most sense for interested customers to work directly with the dealership that will ultimately build their next home from the beginning. 

3. Floor Plan Options

Every customer is different. So is what they’re looking for in a home. If a client doesn’t feel a custom home builder or their floor plans are able to meet their needs, they’ll probably go somewhere else. 

Barden has hundreds of floor plans for prospective customers. And if a client can’t find a plan they’re in love with, all of our floor plans are 100% customizable at  no additional cost. You’re able to help customers fine-tune a floor plan and its amenities to their exact needs.  

Other builders, such as those in modular construction, simply don’t offer the same level of flexibility with design and layout. In most cases, it costs extra money and time to customize a floor plan. 

4. A Proven Construction Method That Delivers 

The fastest way to drive potential customers away is by gaining a reputation as a custom home dealership that doesn’t deliver on what’s expected. 

Word-of-mouth is powerful. People look to their friends and family for recommendations. They read online reviews. Before engaging with your custom home company, odds are a prospective client is going to ask others about you and do their homework on your company. 

Building a custom home is a major investment. Through our panelized home construction method, we provide you with custom home building components that keep your client’s project on track and on budget

When a custom home is completed, the new homeowner gets exactly what was promised -- a house that matches their vision, with no surprises or compromises

Starting a Custom Home Building Career That’s Never Dull 

Creating a lead pipeline that’s always bringing in new clients is critical to long-term success in a custom home building career. Without customers, what’s your business actually doing? 

The right building solutions partner coupled with your own hard work helps you save precious time starting up and get to work building homes faster.

Ready to start generating new custom home project leads?

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