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Posted by Jamie Kline on Mar 3, 2022 8:00:00 AM
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Paul Game has been a member of the Barden Building Products family for the last four decades. 

One of our most experienced Barden Independent Dealers, Paul has seen first-hand how the custom home building industry has evolved. He’s also a prime example of how partnering with a home building supplier for materials helps a home dealer or custom home builder. 

We sat down with Paul to talk about his custom home-building career and how Barden has helped him along the way. 

A Long & Successful Custom Home Builder Career 

Paul’s experience with Barden is exactly what we hope for all of our independent dealers – a long career marked by learning and growth. Reflecting on his 40 years working with us, the president and CEO of Paul J. Game Construction Co. Inc., offered plenty of insights. 

Here’s what Paul had to say in looking back at his time as a custom home builder: 

Q. When Did You Start in the Custom Home Building Industry? 

A. I always knew I wanted to be a home builder – even as a kid, I just knew that’s what I wanted to do. 

I started in the industry in 1974. Back then I was working in a factory, and on the side, I built a house with a local contractor. He was actually building a Barden home. I did some of the plumbing, the painting, and the trim work. He liked what I did and I really liked the work. 

A few years later in 1976, a good friend who I worked with and I started a remodeling venture, and we did that for a few years. 

Q. Why Did You Become a Barden Builder?

A. Being that I had built a few Barden homes, I knew the company. It was around 1982 that I went in and talked with them and became one of their independent dealers. I really liked their (products) a lot – my house is a Barden home – and wanted to work with them. 

Q. How Many Barden Homes Do You Estimate You’ve Built? 

A. In my career, I’d say I’ve built about 400. And at least half of them are Barden homes.

Q. Compared to Other Methods, How Does Barden’s Home Building Process Stack Up?

A. The thing that I like about building Barden homes is that they’re engineered and (their components) are made in a controlled environment. What’s nice, too, is that when you build them it doesn’t take long to get them (weather-tight), so the construction materials aren’t exposed to the elements for too long

The system you use to build them is pretty straightforward as far home construction goes. I’ve actually built a Barden home completely on my own just to see how easy it would be to use their system.

Q. How Has Barden Helped Your Business?

A. Honestly, Barden has changed from when I first started, but they’ve always been fabulous to work with from the employees to the management. They’ve always been really helpful to me. They have meetings and seminars where you learn a lot and meet other builders. 

Q. What’s the Biggest Benefit of Working With Barden? 

A. One of the things that I like the best is that Barden has a design service in house. I’m able to do some of that myself, but when I do turn in plans to them, their people are able to take them and do some really great design work. 

Another thing that I really like is that Barden is a family company. My company is a family company too, so I feel a real connection with them. They’re just great to work with. 

Q. What’s the #1 Thing You’d Tell Someone Considering Becoming a Barden Independent Dealer?

A. The main reason I would tell someone to work with Barden is that building codes are so strict. Building codes are different in every (community), and the codes that one has another might not. 

If someone goes to an architect to design their house they might just walk away with a nice pretty picture, but it might not show a framer or the builder what they need to know. Barden is able to provide that information. And being that Barden’s homes are pre-engineered, they meet and exceed all the building codes. You might say they’re overbuilt, which is a good thing for meeting building codes. 

A Custom Home Building Career with Barden 

There aren’t many of our independent dealers who can say they’ve been with us for as long as Paul has – and he’s worked with Barden for the majority of our 70-year history. We’re proud of our partnership with Paul and his success. 

Through his hard work and experience, Paul and his company show just how far a career in custom home building can go.

How Does Barden Help Your Custom Home Building Business? 

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