Custom Home Construction Timeline: A Barden Independent Dealer’s Role

Posted by Jamie Kline on Mar 10, 2021 8:00:00 AM
Jamie Kline
Custom Home Construction Timeline

Building a custom home is no small task. 

From the day a client walks into a Barden Independent Dealer’s office with a vision for their next home to when they’re handed the keys, there are plenty of moving parts and milestones. 

Keeping everything on track requires coordination and communication, plus the ability to problem solve from time to time. Barden Independent Dealers play an integral role in making sure every step happens when it’s supposed to in a custom home’s construction timeline.

The 4 Stages of a Barden Custom Home Construction Timeline   

A Barden Independent Custom Home Dealer works with the client through every part of a custom home’s construction, a relationship that starts long before hammer goes to nail. 

All dealers are involved in a home’s conceptualization and planning. When it’s time for construction to start, some dealers build the home while others act as a consultant to owners who are self-building .  

Taking a client’s home concept from the drawing board to reality is a four-stage process:  

  1. Design and planning
  2. Obtaining permits 
  3. Site preparation and manufacturing
  4. On-site construction 

1. Design And Planning 

The first phase of the construction timeline is when the independent dealer digs in with the client to develop a custom home they’ll love. There are usually a lot of in-depth conversations about the client’s needs and wants for their next home and how Barden helps make that possible. 

The independent dealer distills the client’s vision into an actionable blueprint. There’s plenty to cover:

  • Layout
  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Elevations
  • Any special customization options 

There’s also discussion about the client’s budget and matching it with the project’s anticipated costs. 

The length of this part of the process is completely dependent on the client. Some clients have done their homework and know exactly what they want in their next home. Others are looking to explore their options and need some guidance.. Our in-house drafting and design team works with the client and the dealer to create a final set of plans that meet all expectations. 

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for a client to settle on a finalized design for their next home. 

2. Obtaining Permits 

As with any major construction project, building a home requires permits. In most municipalities, the final drawings need to be reviewed and stamped by an architect. Because Barden handles the drafting and design of the home, there is no need to solicit an architect. Barden provides stamped drawings as part of the material supply package, streamlining the process.

The time it takes to obtain a building permit depends on the municipality.  Some process permits within a few hours, while others take a few weeks. Most towns have additional requirements beyond stamped plans that need to be fulfilled before issuing a permit. Things like lot surveys, septic system designs, or drainage plans may be needed as well.

3. Site Preparation and Manufacturing

With plans and permits in hand, it’s time to prepare for construction. The independent dealer -- whether a consultant/contract manager or a builder -- coordinates getting things squared away for construction. 

At the home site, work starts to prepare the lot. The lot is stripped, driveway pushed in, and the foundation scheduled. The dealer/builder is responsible for verifying the site readiness and coordinating the production and delivery of the framing package.

Production and delivery of the home can be scheduled once the foundation is going in. Barden's team will design the wall panels and trusses and begin manufacturing for just-in-time delivery. Barden again streamlines the process by ordering windows, exterior doors, siding and roofing. The delivery of these materials is coordinated with the dealer/builder to arrive at the appropriate time on site.

The ability to design and fabricate the home's framing components while the foundation work is taking place allows for a more efficient process. Site and foundation work duration can vary significantly depending on a slew of factors, but most commonly a home is scheduled for delivery 3-6 weeks after it begins.

4. Construction

The last leg of the custom home construction timeline, the independent dealer coordinates the project and interfaces with the client and contractors. If the dealer is a builder, they’ll be completing the majority of the construction.  

For everyone involved in the process, this is the most exciting part--seeing the vision for a custom-built home become a reality. The home’s panelized framing starts going up the day it’s delivered. Depending on the nature of the build, framing can be completed in about a week and made weather-tight shortly thereafter.  

At this point, the independent dealer works with the various contractors and suppliers needed to complete the job, as well as the owner, to keep the project on schedule. A Barden panelized home is usually move-in ready within 4-6 months of construction beginning. 

4 Variables That Impact a Home Construction Timeline 

No major project is immune to delays. 

As an experienced professional, a Barden Independent Dealer is there to mitigate the impact of interruptions to the construction timeline. Some of the most common delays to the home-building process include: 

  1. Obtaining Land: While the client may have the vision for what their perfect, custom home looks like, finding the right lot can be tough. Depending on the location and the local market, finding the perfect piece of land is unlikely to be an instantaneous process. Clients that are serious about building should look early and often to feel confident about their project.
  2. Financing: Most clients don’t come to the table ready to pay cash for their home. Chances are, they’ll get a loan either through a bank or third-party lender. Getting a home construction loan takes time, and it all depends on how quickly the lender moves and the depth of their review into a client’s personal information. Prequalifying for a loan does help speed up the process significantly. 
  3. Weather: Mother Nature isn’t always kind to construction. A few stormy days or a surprise snowfall can bring building to halt. Be mindful of when a client plans to build. In the Northeast, the best-laid construction plans can be completely upended by an early winter. Fortunately, building with components means less time on site and fewer risks of delays.
  4. Delivery Delays: Communication is key when scheduling a project, and arranging for products to be delivered reasonably early helps avoid any construction timeline interruptions. About a 3 week lead time is needed for design and production of the home once it's ordered and the site must be ready for delivery to go smoothly.

Custom Home Construction Timeline

As someone there from day one with a client, a Barden Independent Dealer is more than a resource to a custom home-building project -- they’re a true partner.

Working with a client, as well as construction crews and suppliers, an independent dealer ensures a custom home is realized on time with no surprises. 

Looking to become part of the custom home building process with Barden? 

Let’s find a time to talk about becoming one of our independent dealers!


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