Custom Home Construction Timeline: From Concept to Completion

Posted by Jamie Kline on Aug 21, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Jamie Kline
Home construction timeline

There’s no one way to build a custom home. But all homes take time to construct. 

At Barden Building Products, our panelized custom home construction method is one that gets our customers into their dream home quickly without sacrificing quality or taking any shortcuts. 

How long does it take to build your Barden custom home? 

Let’s take a dive into our home construction timeline.

What a Custom Home Construction Timeline Looks Like 

One of the hallmarks of building a Barden custom home is that you’re in the driver’s seat the entire time. 

Throughout the entire process, you’re involved in every step. The Barden home construction timeline includes these milestones:

  • Obtaining land and financing 
  • Design and planning
  • Plan finalization and obtaining permits 
  • Site preparation and manufacturing
  • On-site construction 

Obtaining Land and Financing

This is perhaps the most boring and scary part of the entire project: going to the bank and hunting for an empty piece of land. 

There’s nothing glamorous or exciting about this stage, but it’s the first step. Nothing else can happen until you determine a budget and have a place to build your home. 

A pre-approval process with most banks takes around 3 months.

On average, our customers spend around 6 months looking for land if they don’t have a lot already. In some cases they find land faster, but many folks spend years searching for the perfect spot to build their next home. Closing on the land can be as quick as a month, or can be drawn out to 3 months and beyond.

Total Time: 4-24 Months, Avg. 6 Months

Design and Planning

Now for the fun part! 

With your finances in order and a location chosen, you can begin designing your next dream home

Based on input from your Barden Independent Dealer, you’ll choose a plan within your budget to begin with (or have our team draw you something from scratch) and begin modifying it to fit your vision and your lot conditions

When the plans are complete, your dealer will work up a budget for the home. You can then continue to rework and revise the plans until they sync with your budget, wants, and needs. You are entirely in control of this step and the time it takes. 

If you’re prepared and make quick decisions, most of our customers are through this step in around 2 months. Theoretically, this step could take as little as a week. On the flip side, some unprepared or indecisive customers take 2 years or more to design their dream home.

Total Time: 1 Week-2 Years, Avg. 3 Months

Plan Finalization and Obtaining Permits

Back to the boring stuff! 

When you’re happy with your floor plans, Barden provides a set of detailed structural plans stamped by an architect so you and your Independent Dealer can obtain building permits. Plan finalization takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete. Depending on the municipality, obtaining building permits can take a few hours or 3 months. 

Total Time: 2 Weeks-4 Months, Avg. 2 Months


Site Preparation and Manufacturing

While applying for building permits, site preparation begins. Typical site-prep work includes:

  • Tree clearing
  • Grading
  • Stone driveway installation (to be paved later during construction)

Once the permits are in hand, several activities start.

First, the team at North American Truss, our manufacturing division,  fabricates the individual components of the home that comprise our Fast Track Framing System (wall panels, roof & floor trusses). We also place orders for exterior doors, windows, and roofing materials so the home is weather-tight ASAP. 

While production is underway, the home’s foundation is installed. Your Barden home's components arrive just as the foundation is ready to build on. 

The only opportunities for delay here would be contractor availability, weather, and Barden’s production capacity at the time. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the longest delay we would have expected would only be a week or two.

Total Time: 2 Weeks - 6 Weeks, Avg. 3 Weeks


On-Site Construction

With the Fast Track Framing System, a Barden home’s structural components and framing are quickly installed in 1-2 weeks along with exterior doors, windows, and roofing. 

From this point, the rest of the various contractors needed to complete the job are scheduled and perform their jobs one by one. Barden coordinates additional deliveries for siding and exterior trim, interior doors, and much more alongside the contractor schedule. 

Weather and contractor availability are the biggest factors here. It can be frustrating to watch your new home sit without work being done, but the right contractors and weather conditions make all the difference. 


Total Time: 4 Months - 10 Months, Avg. 6 Months


From Start to Finish: Barden Home Construction Duration

As we’ve seen it, the average home construction timeline takes around 12 months if the customer has a lot or 18 months if they don’t. In a best-case scenario -- which is what we strive for -- a Barden custom home is built in 5 months if the customer has a lot or 9 months if they don’t. 

The #1 factor in how quickly a Barden home is built is you.

From where your home is built to how it looks and any of those small details that are important to your family, you control how quickly the process moves forward. The good news is that we have all of the tools you need to be ready when the time comes!


Want to learn more about the custom home building timeline? 

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