5 Reasons Why Panelized Home Construction Makes the Best New Builds

Posted by Jamie Kline on Feb 7, 2019 12:21:03 PM
Jamie Kline


Though panel building’s origins are old, panel built homes are anything but dated. At Barden Building Products, we’ve been manufacturing panel built homes since the 1940s.

In the past 70 years we have seen many trends, technologies, and techniques come and go in the home building industry.

What we’re left with in 2019 is a unique combination of a polished manufacturing process that has stood the test of time and modern software, design trends, and materials to make the best new build homes.

What is Panelized Home Construction?

Before we delve into the specifics of what makes the panel building process so great for new build homes, let’s cover the basics quickly.

Panelized construction is a hybrid of modular and stick building. Walls and roof trusses are assembled in the same factory conditions as a modular home, but are shipped to the job site in segments.

In our factory, we assemble all of the walls and roof trusses necessary to build a home, but not the siding and windows to avoid damage during shipping. We use high quality lumber and higher precision assembly methods than even the best stick builder. Our homes are assembled and enclosed quickly, minimizing exposure to the elements and theft.

Every home we manufacture is completely unique and customized to the customers specifications.

We supply all of the materials to build the home and offer design services in-house to offer a single contact point process like a modular builder.  Unlike modular building, we allow our customers the freedom to purchase and select their own materials if our selections aren’t to their tastes, and design their homes with no limitations

By allowing this flexibility we can offer all of the benefits of other construction methods with none of the drawbacks.

5 Reasons to Consider Panelized Home Construction for Your New Build

If you’re building a new home and have heard the buzz about panelized construction, these are some of the things you might have heard:

1.Customization Opportunities

When we say customization, we mean more than choosing from a few options that are standardized and pre-set. Every single aspect of the new home is customized to the homeowner -- from the countertop material to the lumber used to build.

This enables the homeowner complete design freedom -- no limits to size, shape, material, or otherwise.

2. Ability To Build Wherever You Want

When choosing panelized home construction, you are not hindered by traditional building method limitations.

Panel built homes can be constructed in tighter spaces than other methods, which means it can be considered ideal for track or subdivision building where space is limited due to neighbors or other hindrances.

Additionally, they can be an ideal choice for rural or scattered lot building. Our experienced Independent Dealer team knows how to handle the unique logistics and potential obstacles you may face while building on your own lot or in a rural setting.

3. A More Efficient New Build Home

Because panel built homes are precisely engineered and manufactured by the same team of experts in the same building, human error that can occur in the field is minimized.

For example, window and door openings are sized and layed out with an engineering software and then assembled and cut with state of the art technology to ensure square precision. This eliminates any gaps that would be left by hand nailing and cutting in the field, and leads to a more efficient home with no drafts..

4. Single Point of Contact for Materials Selection and Building Team

The panelized construction process is incredibly streamlined. Choose from an enormous selection of building supplies like doors, windows, roofing, siding, and kitchen cabinets.

This can take several suppliers and the logistics that come along with them out of the equation, simplifying the process for our independent dealers and their customers.

When it comes to choosing subcontractors for your project, your panelized construction partner can assist with that as well -- eliminating the need to call several companies, price compare, and coordinate with different teams.

Alternatively, if a homeowner has a subcontractor in mind that they would like to work with, they can be integrated into the team seamlessly.

5. Regional Factors Are Considered

During the engineering process of panel building, factors such as average local snowfall are taken into account.

This helps determine load bearing capacity, as well as materials and processes needed to ensure the home is optimized for the region where it resides.

Homes that aren't properly engineered can have drywall cracking with temperature/humidity fluctuation and snow loading. All of those factors, and more, are taken into account during engineering.

Ready to Get the Ball Rolling on Your Dream Home?

No matter where you are in your new home planning process, reach out to our team.

Our experts are happy to answer any of your questions regarding panel building with no pushy sales pitch or pressure. We'll even set up a friendly call on an evening or weekend to discuss.

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