Decorative Exterior House Trim Options & Boosting Curb Appeal

Posted by Jamie Kline on Oct 13, 2022 9:29:00 AM
Jamie Kline

5 Current Decorative Exterior House Trim Ideas

  1. Durable and efficient materials
  2. Earth tones
  3. Covered porches
  4. Domers
  5. Gables



We’ve spent a lot of time in our blog posts discussing the benefits of panelized construction or how to finance your next, custom-built home.  

But what about its exterior? How can you make your home’s appearance truly stand out from every other home on the block?

And no, we’re not talking about window choice or the pros and cons of brick. 

Decorative exterior house trim is one of the fun parts of designing a custom-built home. Not only does it provide a finishing touch, but it’s also an opportunity to add an element of personalization to your home. 

But more than that, exterior trim options are an easy boost to your home’s curb appeal and value


Decorative Exterior House Trim & Why Curb Appeal Matters 

To hear a Realtor tell it, curb appeal is one of the most important elements of a home.


It’s the first thing someone sees when viewing your house.

The way a home looks on the outside sets the level of expectation for what’s on the inside. A home with a beautiful exterior surely must have a matching interior. 

First impressions go a long way. In fact, homes with a high curb appeal on average sell for 7% more than similar houses

From a homeowner’s perspective, your house’s curb appeal is more than the way your home looks. It’s the feeling of pride you get when you pull in your driveway at the end of a long day. 


The Top 5 Decorative Exterior House Trim Options 

If you’re wondering how to increase the curb appeal of your home, look no further than what other recent customers have done. They’ve integrated some pretty great exterior house trim ideas into their home’s design. 

The most common design elements for boosted curb appeal we’re seeing include:

  1. Durable and efficient materials
  2. Earth tones
  3. Covered porches
  4. Domers
  5. Gables 


1. Durable and Efficient Materials

More and more, we’re seeing future homeowners incorporating materials that not only last long, but also increase energy efficiency into the exterior design of their next house. 

It makes sense -- they want to get the best value for their dollar while also minimizing future utility bills. 

Popular selections include:

  • Vinyl siding and shutters
  • Stone trim
  • Hardy board
  • Fiber cement lineal trim 

Aside from their longevity and potential for energy savings, all of these materials have one common denominator: low maintenance


2. Earth Tones 

Darker browns, deep reds, muted blues, and even shades of green and yellow are dominating home exterior color pallets. 

Given the choice from a wide variety of colors, those designing their custom-built home are opting for Earth tones. 

Colors inspired by Mother Nature go a long way when it comes to its curb appeal. Earth tones:

  • Complement each other well 
  • Are warm and inviting 
  • Create a sense of environmental sustainability

As an added bonus, darker colored homes absorb heat better -- helping to save on heating costs during the colder months. 

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3. Covered Porches 

Nothing says welcome home like a spacious, covered front porch. 

And who can argue with an evening spent on the front porch?

Covered porches have become a must-have in any custom-built home’s design. Not only do covered porches expand a home’s space, but they also allow you to better enjoy the great outdoors without being too far removed from your home. 


4. Dormers

A design element that enhances both exterior aesthetics and interior functionality, dormers marry both character and functionality for a home. 

On the inside of a home, a dormer gives you a little extra space in a room, plus another way to let natural light or a cool breeze in. From a street view, dormers:

  • Add definition
  • Accentuate other architectural features
  • Give the appearance of more height 


5. Gables

Along the same line as dormers, gables also add a visually appealing element to a home. 

For those unfamiliar, a gable is the triangular intersection of roof pitches. Essentially it’s the peak of an A-frame roof. And if you’re wondering -- yes, your dormer can have a gable. 

But gables don’t have to be just two straight roofline ridges intersecting. We’re seeing customers use gables as a place to install decorative elements -- or pediments -- at the highest point of their home. Gable trim such as architectural brackets and moulding are popular choices. 

Gables trims can also serve a practical purpose. While adding a visual enhancement to your home, trim can double as an attic vent to improve airflow -- and no one will know the difference. 


Increasing Curb Appeal for Your Custom-Built Home

When it comes to designing a house you’ll fall in love with, exterior trim options are one of the easiest ways to guarantee that happens each time you come home. They’re also one of the simplest ways to increase your home’s value. 

And remember: from the faucets in your master bathroom to the shutters next to each window, every element of your home is 100% customizable.  

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