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Universal Design for Home Accessibility

Posted by Jamie Kline on Mar 29, 2019 4:28:48 PM

Unfortunately, it seems as though “accessible home” has become a buzzword in the home building community with many  misconceptions surrounding the true meaning of universal design and home accessibility.

To some, accessible home design simply means adding a wheelchair ramp. While this is one facet of universal, accessible design -- there is so much more to uncover. When we fail to account for other facets of accessible building when discussing the concept, we leave out many people who can benefit from universal design.

We aim to get to the heart of home accessibility, what it means, who benefits from it, and how to build it in this article.

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5 Reasons Why Panelized Home Construction Makes the Best New Builds

Posted by Jamie Kline on Feb 7, 2019 12:21:03 PM

Though panel building’s origins are old, panel built homes are anything but dated. At Barden Building Products, we’ve been manufacturing panel built homes since the 1940s.

In the past 70 years we have seen many trends, technologies, and techniques come and go in the home building industry.

What we’re left with in 2019 is a unique combination of a polished manufacturing process that has stood the test of time and modern software, design trends, and materials to make the best new build homes.

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