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Posted by Jamie Kline on Apr 27, 2023 3:42:05 PM
Jamie Kline

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Even in the big city, there’s nothing like having a home that’s unquestionably yours down to the smallest detail. 

But like in any market, the simple fact is that existing buildings – be it a townhouse, duplex, or apartment complex – were built with someone else in mind. Finding a home that checks all the boxes on your wants and needs list with a high degree of specificity is almost impossible.

While it might seem out of place in a dense metropolitan area, custom home building is indeed a viable option for those who are looking to have their dream home in a city.

Urban lofts, a newer type of custom home, are perfect for city dwellers who want to craft a living space that’s as unique and individual as they are.


The Trouble(s) With Building in a City

Every custom home build site is different and each has its own unique set of challenges. 

In urban areas, however, there are a few issues that aren’t seen elsewhere. That's why you often see those living in a city who want a customized home opting to renovate an existing building rather than construct something new.

The biggest hurdles to overcome with new home construction in cities include:

Limited Lot Stock 

In an extreme example, think of New York City – how many open lots to build on are there? Unless you’re purchasing a small section of Central Park, empty build sites are few and far between. What does come available costs a fortune, too. 

In small cities and metropolitan areas, the story is much the same though the chances of finding a lot are a bit better. 

Site Space

No one moves to a city for its wide-open skies and spaces. In addition to a limited lot stock that comes at a premium, potential build sites aren’t the easiest to work in. 

Typically narrow or small, urban lots usually have neighbors that are right up to the property line. Compounding matters, city streets are also narrow and lined with parked vehicles. 

That means not only is it difficult to store materials and build on a lot, but it’s also tough to even get large deliveries or have large equipment, e.g. cranes, on-site to begin with. 

Urban Lofts | Taking on Urban Construction

While a construction project of any nature in a city is a bigger undertaking than it is elsewhere, panel-built urban lofts directly address many of the challenges that come with building in an urban area.

  • New call-to-actionSpace Saving – For this point let's look at the two other popular construction methods used for custom homes.
    Stick building requires a lot of storage space and room to work as you're starting construction from scratch. Modular homes need a lot of space to maneuver and heavy equipment to move the large components of a home that are delivered.
    Panelized construction, however, is optimal for lots where space is limited. Because the prefabricated wall panels are built off-site, there's no need for additional space to work in or bigger staging areas. And as components arrive, they can be installed immediately.
  • Fast Construction – An efficient building method, panelized construction helps projects get completed faster than other construction methods. Delivered ready for installation, a panelized house can be made weather tight in less than two weeks.
    What's more, because each panel is ready to go, a smaller crew can handle the project.
  • Logistically Friendly: When space is a concern – both on the site and in the area surrounding it – timing is everything.
    With panelized construction, materials are delivered pre-cut and ready for assembly on a schedule. That means shipments are coordinated to match the project's speed or any issues – such as traffic congestion – present around the build site.

  • Security – Because of their size and when they're delivered, wall panels are less likely to be stolen than loose lumber or other building materials.
    Additionally, the shell of the house can be put together more quickly, allowing for faster and more efficient securing of the structure itself, which can also serve as a secure storage space during the project.

  • Less Waste – Precisely manufactured with state-of-the-art technology in a factory miles away from their final dest, there is less material waste on the job site as there is in traditional construction (stick building). With less waste, there's a reduced need to rent a dumpster – saving both space on site and project budget.


Why Build a Custom Urban Loft Home to Begin With? 

To reiterate one of our first points, an existing home simply wasn't built for you or your needs regardless of its location. Like any custom home, custom urban lofts let you get the most for your investment.

A custom-built urban loft home is an ideal investment for those looking to get the most out of their money. With a tailored design, you’re able to create the perfect living space that meets all of your needs and preferences without being forced to compromise.

What's more, a custom-built loft opens the doors to combined living situations (one of which can be lucrative):

  1. Multigenerational homes: The dynamics of family living in a home are changing. Whether it's because of economics or a desire to be closer, family living situations in a home are more frequently including those outside a nuclear family. It's now not uncommon for in-laws and adult children to live with a homeowner. With careful design, a custom urban loft can be laid out carefully to include the necessary amenities or levels of separation needed for all who call the house "home."
  2. Duplexes: For those looking to earn a higher return on investment from their property, an urban loft duplex can bring in a lot of value. Not only does it give a homeowner a space to live, but also an income-generating unit to provide relief from the high costs of city life


Urban Lofts | Your Custom Home 

Living in the city can be a unique and exciting experience, but it's important to have a home that you're more than comfortable in. With custom urban lofts, you have the opportunity to craft a custom living space that meets all of your wants and needs with high specificity.

Whether you're looking for an open floor plan or something to help take the edge off of city-life expenses, a custom urban loft home has unparalleled flexibility when it comes to designing your dream home.

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